Gentlemen: Thank You for your focus, hard work, dedication and total professionalism over the last three years on this project. Every aspect of the house came out exceptionally well, and your work is among the best we got.

Dan your early design work including helping me make literally thousands of decisions got us started to create a great end result.

Rick your overall conception convinced me the magnitude of the project was worth undertaking, not to mention worth buying.

Mike your frequent onsite guidance, advice, troubleshooting, and team management helped overcome too numerous issues to recall.

The rest of the team that I know from John and others during the blitzkrieg installation, to Chuck’s patient completion and harmonization of the programming to match man and machine, to the unseen unknown folks behind the scene.

All contributed greatly to create and install a product and experience that continues to both amaze and satisfy.

Thank you for your work, professionalism and quality contribution.

C.J. (Palm Beach, FL)